Become a godparent

Here you have the possibility to directly help the Bassari orphanage by becoming a godparent. When, due to various reasons, parents are not able to financially and emotionally take care of their children, the godparent steps in. In our case this could be you! A Bassari godparenthood allows a child to grow up in a loving and safe environment. It will experience affection and protection and be able to attend school. Education will go as far as a secondary education or even a completed university degree, which is the foundation of self-determined and autonomous adult life.

Full godparenthood: 90,- € monthly

Partial godparenthood: 60,- € monthly

Partial godparenthood: 30,- € monthly

A godparenthood covers current expenses at the orphanage per child: meals, board, medical care, clothes, sanitary products as well as a contribution to safety measures.

As soon as the children are required to attend school, school fees will add to the list of expenses. When the day arrives, you, as a godparent, will be contacted and informed by us. 

Don’t lose any time and become a Bassari godparent today. Use, therefore, the online donation form. Let us know via email that your recurring donation is, in fact, meant to be a godparenthood and not just a regular donation. That way we can assign you to a child. Of course, you can also fill in and print the specific godparenthood form and send it per post or via email.