Our personnel makes sure that our children can grow up in a loving and secure environment. We choose them carefully and follow the legal regulations.

Peter Moosbrugger (Founder Director)

Thanks to Peter we have a beautiful home. Together with Harrieth, he takes care of administrative matters and, when he is on site, everything that occurs in and around the house. In addition, the children love to romp around with him.

Harrieth Minja (Director/Social Worker)

Harrieth has many years of experience with children from disadvantaged areas. She establishes contact with the local families / authorities and takes on all administrative tasks on site.

Amani Mafie (Secretary)

Amani helps both directors as a good friend and trustee. He is responsible when clarifications are needed, that require local knowledge and experience.

Gift Kivuyo (Nanny)

Gift learned "childcare" at the Montesori Training Center in Lushoto. Her strengths are English and banana dishes, which are particularly popular in her native Moshi.

Hosiana Mollel (Nanny)

Hosiana has completed a one year education at IBES where she has studied to become a caregiver. She is an excellent storyteller and bakes the best Mandazi (fried bread).

Stella Ilanda (Nanny)

Stella like Hosiana has graduated from IBES as caregiver. She has a very good approach to children and everyone is overjoyed when it’s time to eat her delicious Chapati.

Loveness Vataeeli Nnko      ( housekeeper )

Loveness has recently joined our team, she comes from Mulala and supports our nannies with housework.

Nelson Ayo (gardener / guard)

Nelly is also from Ngyani and helps with work in the garden for half a day. He is the good soul in the house and never shies away from work.

Erick Ayo (gardener / guard)

Erick or Hamza is our farmer and knows all about banana perennial plants and corn. He will soon share this knowledge with the children. He also works part time with us.

Kaanaeli Mungure (night guard)

During the week, Kaanaeli guards our house and garden so that everyone can sleep calmly and relaxed at night.

Ernest Urassa (night guard)

During the weekends Ernest takes over from Kaanaeli and watches over our estate.    


Our Bassari dog Malala support the guards during their work and help the children to learn to treat animals respectfully.