Our children

At the moment six children are living with us. However, we have the capacity to shelter up to 12 children. We welcome girls and boys aged between three and five. The younger the children are at their arrival, the more we can give them to take along and the easier it is to influence their characters in a positive way.

One part of our project is to give orphans and half-orphans a lovely home. However, we also shelter children who may still have parents but are being neglected significantly, so that growing up cannot take place in a dignified and secure environment. In cooperation with our social worker Harieth and the local social authorities, we decide which children urgently need help and who would benefit the most from a place at the orphanage. The children receive a good education but also learn various skills for everyday life in order to be prepared for an independent adult life.

Brayton (06.2012)

Brayton is currently our oldest and takes care of the younger ones. He already goes to school and loves to ride the bicycle.

Glory (01.2014)

Glory or "Gilo" likes to sing and dance for a lifetime and is our little diva. We already see her as a future actress.

Jovin (06.2014)

Jovin is our sunshine. He listens attentively in kindergarten and reads our English bedtime stories in the evening.

Jesca (08.2012)

Jesca goes to school too. She works them very precisely and independently. She is a calm child and doesn't always have to be in the focus.

Elia (12.2013)

Elia loves going to school for life. He is very bright and the entertainer in the house. He makes us laugh all the time. Princess is his sister.

Princess (08.2015)

Princess is our secret star. She can twist us all around her little finger with her loving nature. Elia is her brother.

Sharon ( 03.2013 )

Sharon is the best of all the kids in school. Learning is easy for her and she also likes to help out at home.

Alvin ( 09.2014 )

Alvin is a nice and very affectionate boy. He likes to play with Jovin and Princess, but also insists on his opinion.

Ritha ( 01.2017 )

Ritha moved in with us yesterday, January 29th, 21st. She comes from very difficult circumstances but has already made friends with our children on the first day.

Baryson ( 07.2017 )

Brayson also moved in with us yesterday, January 29th, 21st. He is a very bright, but also uneducated boy from dire circumstances who brings a breath of fresh air to the Bassari children's home.